About us

Who we are

The decision to establish an Alumni Association was by sheer coincidence and decisions taken by very few of us who attended the 10th year commemoration of May 8 at FEDPOFFA in 2009. It was a coincidence because none of the persons in attendance had premonition that it will happen or that there will be such discussion whatsoever. The few people in attendance agreed and called for a meeting later in the evening of that day at Goodies Hotel, Offa and unanimously agreed that we jump start the process of having an Alumni Association and in same vein unanimously appointed among those in attendance, the 5 man Steering Committee to pilot the process.

The 5 man committee took up the challenge since that day. It has been rough and tough selling the ideal to the School’s management and getting their buy-in. For over two years, the attitude and disposition of the management was very negative and not giving any form of readiness. There were threat of arrest and serious intimidation as some point, up to the point of threatening to report us to our organization (work place) and family for planning to scuttle the peace of the Polytechnic because we requested for the establishment of Alumni Association. At about the 4th year, the coast began to clear for reasoning and consideration by the Management. At this time, it became apparent that we wouldn’t give up and became resolute on establishing the Alumni having taken a tactical approach by going to Abuja to solicit for the support of the then Governing Council Chairman who then promised that once he came to FEDPOFFA campus, we should be around and he will give the directive. This was what truly happened and the Management was caught by surprise and they were compelled to give us recognition.

At this time, another battle began. The process of registration, temporary office and operation was another round of challenges which lasted close to another two years. All along, personal finance from all members of the committee is what we have being committed to using and believing that we will achieve the task committed to us. The battle for temporary office, manpower, operation was resolved towards the end of tenure of Dr. Olatinwo while the battle for registration process was almost completed during the tenure of Dr. (Mrs). Olaosebikan. She has been in the know of alumni establishment process because she at a point oversees the office as a Deputy Rector and was supportive but we couldn’t still actualize all that we wanted until at the verge of her tenure as Acting Rector.

As at the assumption of office of the incumbent Rector, Dr. Olatunji, we have strategically registered the Alumni Association, opened bank account but still had little issue with C. A. C and then collection of dues through the appropriate quarters. The C. A. C requested for a letter of “NO OBJECTIONS” from the school before our certificate can be released to us. This became another round of engagement with the new management leadership. We held several meetings and scrutinizing of the Alumni leadership before they were eventually persuaded and consented in giving us the much desired letter to C.A.C. Before this time, we have held several National Congress to set up Constitution committee, Board of Trustees, ratification of the steering committee to National Executives and formation of electoral committee. Some of the meetings were held in Lagos because there was no access and acceptability by the school management and several others on the School campus. All the cost were borne by the executive members, especially my humble self and occasional little donations during congress with highest amounting to N10, 000 at a time.

How we Operate

The Alumni Association presently has a two part leadership; the Central EXCOs and Board of Trustees. The EXCOs steers the daily operations of the Association. The daily administrative work of the association is designated on the campus at the temporary alumni secretariat overseen by Alhaji Tunji Agboola, Deputy Registrar, ALUMNI & Endowment Office. All correspondences of Alumni Association are received and dispatched from the secretariat and all collection of dues and other necessary assistances that may be required by any of the alumnus. The manpower is presently provided by the school and limited since our operations is also not yet as big. To an extent the operations have been smooth but not the kind of secretariat standard that befits our Alumni Association looking ahead.

Relationships with School Management

The Alumni leadership’s interaction with the School management has improved over the years compared to when we initially started. With subsequent management leaderships from the tenure of Dr. Olatinwo , Dr. (Mrs) Olaosebikan and the incumbent Rector, Dr. Olatunji, we have enjoyed some level of cooperation but not without disagreements and tough times. The relationship is improving and we believe it will continue to get better as a major stakeholder that believes in the furtherance of the development of FEDPOFFA

Legality and Authority

The C.A.C registration has been completed and we have our certificate of incorporation with us. The school management has since thrown her weight behind us. The U. S chapter is fully registered according to the law of the land of operations and the Constitution, By-Law and all instrument of office necessary for operations are fully intact.